We now service Mobile home roofs and Aluminum Awnings

Serving Mesa, AZ


Professional Silicone Roofing Services

Let the professionals at First Heritage Restoration install a silicone roof for your home that can withstand extreme temperatures and heavy weather conditions. Silicone roofing has many advantages, including durability and lesser installation costs over other types of roofing solutions.

With over 20 years of experience, our knowledgeable roofers will provide you with reliable roofing solutions in Mesa, AZ. We use top-brand ventilation equipment such as Lomanco. Call us for 24-hour emergency services.

Features of Silicone Roofing Materials

  • Can withstand heavy weather and extreme temperature
  • No moisture absorption
  • Lower material and installation costs, lasts a very long time since there’s no shredding
  • Seamless, durable and leak-free
  • Protects underlying roof and provides hail resistance
  • Pond-resistant, reflective, and 100% UV stable

Shingle Roof Installation

  • Process and Benefits
  • Protect surrounding area during tear off and clean up
  • Completely remove all materials (nails, staples)
  • Lift all roof mount flashings (air conditioner, roof jacks, and T-Tops)
  • Ensure that your roof is protected overnight
  • Three layers of felt in valley areas with a fourth layer of a “Peel and Stick” base
  • Install drip edge and cricket around chimneys
Get 24/7 emergency services on our home roofing services. Call us at 602-568-1022.

We pay utmost attention to detail and our turnaround time is quick.


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